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A bilingual book with stories and images that have become iconic for every Ukrainian in the first months of the full-scale invasion. Gift it to friends so that as many people as possible remember about the Ukrainian path to Victory.

The book is bilingual – containing both Ukrainian text and English translation. 

Chief editor: Yurii Marchenko;
Content: Yurii Marchenko, Tetiana Kapustynska, Daria Yakunina, Kateryna Iholkina, Yevhen Sklyarenko;
Illustrations: Mari Kinovych; 
Design and layout: Valeriia Gorodchanina;
Website design: Valeriia Gorodchanina Khrystyna Bunii;
Translation editor: Ivan Plis;
Translation: Natalia Volynets, Tetiana Evloeva, Olesia Storozhuk;
‍Coordination of the project: Tetiana Novikova, Yuliia Salizhenko;
Printed: Blank-Press LLC.

This book tells 50 stories. Each of them, in one way or another, touched the whole country of Ukraine. Some boosted public morale, such as the Ghost of Kyiv or the route of the cruiser Moskva. Others provided entertainment even in the toughest days of a full-scale war — like tractor troops or stand-up comedians in bomb shelters. Many shocked the whole world with their tragedy. But all these 50 symbols have become part of our history. Ukraine: 50 Symbols of Resistance takes a close look at the important images, events, personalities, and even memes that emerged from this war. We wrote this book during the second half of 2022 — the most challenging year in Ukraine’s history. 

To bring Ukraine closer to victory, proceeds from the sale of scarves are directed toward social initiatives in need of support:
• Charity fund Svichado, providing assistance to prematurely born children;
• Charity fund Open Palms, helping children and adults with oxygen deficiency;
• Charity fund Happy Paw, supporting shelters nationwide and purchasing food for animals abandoned in front-line areas;
• Charity fund Ukrainian Charity Alliance, providing support to internally displaced persons in the Kharkiv region;
• Charity fund Unbroken, raising funds for bionic prosthetics for Ukrainians affected by the war.

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